Primož Rome

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 · 0 min read

DewesoftX 2022.1 Released - UI and Usability Improvements, Modal Analysis Updates, Scanivalve Support, MOOG Controller Acquisition

We are pleased to announce the release of DewesoftX 2022.1. The new software package is fully compatible with Windows 11 and introduces a plethora of new quality-of-life features such as the box zoom and the option to open recent data files. Additionally, we have updated the modal analysis module to provide default displays and additional calculations. The Scanivalve pressure scanner and Moog controller are now also supported. 

As always, the DewesoftX 2022.1 is a FREE update for all existing Dewesoft users. You can download the latest version from our Download Center.

Windows 11 compatibility

DewesoftX 2022.1 software package provides full compatibility with the Windows 11 operating system, making it compatible with the most modern devices. All graphics and functionalities are fully adapted - you have one less thing to worry about when upgrading your Windows version.

Windows11 graphical improvements.

Ease-of-use improvements

The 2022.1 update brings numerous features that improve usability and make navigating DewesoftX even quicker and more effortless: 

  • The Box-zoom option allows you to quickly zoom in on the data of your interest. This option is available on the recorder and 2D graph widgets and can be activated by holding down the Shift key and selecting the data region on the widget.

  • All widgets can now have custom titles allowing you to further customize your displays. 

BOX-zoom option in recorder and changing widget names.
  • Similar to “Recent setups”, recently opened data files can now be viewed and loaded with ease through the newly added menu “Recent data files”.

  • Finally, the project files embedded into setup files can now be imported alongside loading the setup via a dedicated right-click option directly from the file list 

Import project and load setup and a new search between recent data files options.

Modal analysis update

This update of the Modal analysis module significantly simplifies your setup and workflow. The eagerly-awaited pre-defined displays that will help guide you through the modal analysis steps have finally been added. They come prepopulated with all the widgets required for performing full modal analysis, allowing for swift setup of the analysis environment.

To help with mode shape validation, modal complexity calculations and a dedicated complexity plot widget have been implemented. Calculated mode shapes can now be exported into the UNV55 file format designed specifically for validation purposes. Exported modal models can be used to do further correlation analysis outside DewesoftX, or compare modal models between data files by importing them back into the Modal analysis module. For that reason, the module now also supports the CrossMAC plot and can animate all imported shapes based on different estimations next to each other. You can now quickly check how well your physical test modal models correlate with simulated FE modal models.

New Modal analysis updates.

Scanivalve pressure scanners support

Scanivalve is the global leader in scanners used for pressure and temperature measurement. Their solutions are widely used for testing in (among others) aerospace and automotive industries.

The Scanivalve plugin supports the DSA3217-PTP pressure scanner that communicates over the Ethernet TCP/IP protocol. It shows all of the device’s pressure and temperature channels and makes them available for further processing in other DewesoftX modules. The sampling rate, the calibration-zero procedure, and other key parameters are configurable and adjustable in the plugin’s settings window. Soft-sync of the Scanivalve sensors with other Dewesoft data is fully supported.

Scanivalve module settings window.

MOOG controller data acquisition

MOOG Test Controllers for aerospace applications are used for testing everything from aircraft components, and flight control systems, to full-scale aircraft tests.

This all-new MOOG Controller module allows you to capture the data measured during such tests from the MOOG Test Controller for aerospace applications. The module connects to the controller via its IP address and displays all its channels available on the Ethernet connection.

Moog plugin settings.


  • Order tracking now allows you to select and configure the counter channel from a measurement unit connected via NET

  • Newly added calculation options within the Basic statistics module include AC RMS, kurtosis, skewness, and margin factor

  • The serial number is now the default option when remapping a setup file

  • The horizontal and vertical bar widgets are richer with the indicators for absolute minimum and maximum channel value

  • Importing multiple logs at the same time is now available with the IOLITE-LX logger option

  • The user interface of the CAN RT module has been completely updated according to the XCP slave module

DewesoftX 2022.1 is a free upgrade for all Dewesoft customers and is compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download it from our download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes. Additional information about specific features in this release is also available on Dewesoft’s customer support portal.