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Pass-by Noise Testing

A very flexible Pass-by noise test system for characterizing the overall acoustic signature of any vehicle. Powerful and easy-to-use DAQ software offer capabilities for real-time calculation, visualization, and validation results.

Inertial platforms
Inertial platforms
CAN bus
CAN bus

Main Features

  • AUTOMATED WORKFLOW: Dewesoft X sequencer offers to automate testing procedures for the test operator. The pass-by noise system includes a pre-defined test sequence that guides the driver through the testing procedure. 
  • LIVE RESULTS: The system provides real-time online results and automated report generation.
  • EASY CONFIGURATION: The solution provides easy software and hardware configuration of all devices and sensors. 
  • BATTERY POWERED: The entire data acquisition, processing, and sensor hardware are battery-powered using our high-performance Li-ion battery packs.
  • DIRECT SENSOR INPUTS: Data acquisition offers direct IEPE microphones, IR temperature sensors inputs. TEDS is provided for sensor autodetection and zero configuration.
  • ADDITIONAL DATA SOURCES: Additional synchronized acquisition of other sources is possible within the same system - CAN, CAN FD, OBDII, J1939, FlexRay, XCP/CCP, video, weather station (air temperature, humidity, wind speed, ...), etc. 
  • 2 CM POSITION ACCURACY: The system is based on 100 Hz GPS measurement with RTK or inertial measurement platform upgrade which provides positioning accuracy down to 2 cm.
  • 0.1 KM/H VELOCITY ACCURACY: Velocity accuracy is guaranteed down to 0.1 KM/H.
  • SUPPORTED STANDARDS: Software provides the calculation of CPB and sound level according to the IEC61672 standard. Other analysis supported standards are ISO 362, UNECE R51.02, SAE J1470.
  • SEVERAL APPLICATIONS: Dewesoft Pass-by Noise system has the capability for brake test analysis (ECE13H, FMVSS 135, etc), brake noise detection, ABS testing, Braking comfort, and the possibility to add additional test standards or maneuvers like tire test, acceleration test, handling test and/or fuel consumption tests.

Pass-by Nose Testing Overview

The Dewesoft Pass-by Noise test system is a flexible research & development and validation measurement package. In addition to all the necessary data acquisition hardware, it also includes easy-to-use and powerful Dewesoft X software for real-time calculations, visualization, and validation of results.

Dewesoft X sequencer can be used to define a completely custom, automated test-sequence that will guide the vehicle driver in the easy step-by-step procedure through the complete testing phase, while also providing real-time data and results.

PPS synchronization technology keeps both in-vehicle and outside stationary data acquisition systems in perfect sync and data available on both systems at any-time, real-time. The data from the outside DAQ system (microphones, weather station, asphalt temperature, ...) can be monitored and transferred to the in-vehicle DAQ system directly. 

The setup of the Dewesoft Pass-by Noise Testing system is simple and hussle-free. Several types of hardware and sensor configurations are available to cover the need for any indoor or outdoor vehicle Pass-by Noise test.

The Pass-by Noise System

The Pass-by noise solution consists of two separate data acquisition systems.

1. Master DAQ System

This DAQ system is placed in the vehicle under the test and offers all the processing power for storing, analyzing and visualizing results and step-by-step instructions for the driver. All the results are available and visible in real-time. The master DAQ system acquires and stores all the vehicle positioning and velocity data, and can additionally also acquire data from CAN, CAN FD bus, FlexRay, XCP/CCP, video, and many others. This measurement system also saves the synchronizes data from the outside, slave data acquisition system.

2. Slave DAQ system

The second data acquisition system is placed outside and is stationary. This DAQ system acquires data from precise IEPE microphone(s), IR temperature sensors, asphalt temperature, and optional wind speed, air temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters.

Both systems are based on R2DB data acquisition system.

Real-time Pass-by Noise Results

The most important pass-by noise parameters are calculated online so that the driver can immediately see if the test has passed or failed. 3D visualization of vehicle positioning and distance calculations are also available in real-time. This greatly reduces the time of testing and analyzing.

Any of the advanced calculations can also be performed online or later after the test data has been acquired. These include CPB (Constant Percentage Bandwidth Analysis), Sound Levels, FFT analysis, and many others. These results are vital for the analysis engineer to compare different test-runs and to immediately see the highest frequency.

Additional post-processing calculations are possible as we always store the raw data as well. Post-processing features in Deweosft are completely free. The data file can be shared, viewed and analyzed on as many computers as needed without any additional software license.

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