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Brake Test

Brake test system from Dewesoft is very flexible and covers all kind of brake tests, braking comfort and testing vehicles with regenerative braking. High-accuracy GPS/IMU hardware is available to achieve the highest possible velocity and distance accuracy.

Inertial platforms
Inertial platforms
CAN bus
CAN bus
Thermal video
Thermal video
High-speed video
High-speed video

Main Features

  • REAL-TIME RESULTS: Dewesoft X software shows all validation and visualizes results in real-time during the test itself. Additional math or visualizing can be added later in post-processing if needed.
  • AUTOMATED WORKFLOW: Dewesoft X sequencer offers to automate testing procedures for the test operator. Brake test module includes a pre-defined test sequence that guides the driver through the testing procedure. 
  • AUTOMATED REPORT GENERATION: Brake test module will automatically generate testing reports from your test runs. 
  • DOWN TO 2 CM POSITION ACCURACY: We offer high-accuracy GPS or IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) hardware with optional RTK support which offers highest possible velocity and positioning accuracy. 
  • BRAKE PEDAL SENSOR: Direct brake pedal force, travel, and pressure sensor inputs are available via analog or CAN interface. 
  • BRAKE TEMPERATURE: The Same system can measure and log multiple brake temperatures.
  • SYNCHRONIZED ACQUISITION OF MULTIPLE SOURCES: Additional synchronized acquisition of other sources is possible within the same system CAN, OBDII, J1939, FlexRay, XCP/CCP, Video, etc.
  • SUPPORTED STANDARDS: Brake test system offers brake test according to several international standards like ECE13H, FMVSS 135, etc.
  • SEVERAL APPLICATIONS: Dewesoft brake test system has built-in analysis for standard brake tests (ECE13H, FMVSS 135, etc), ABS testing, Braking comfort and the possibility to add additional test standards or maneuvers like tire test, acceleration test, handling test and/or fuel consumption tests.

Flexible brake testing

The Dewesoft brake test system covers all sorts of braking tests and ABS tests. Due to the high flexibility of the system, it can also cover tests of braking comfort and vehicles with regenerative braking.

It is essential that the measurement of braking distances has very high-accuracy because this key-parameter can make the difference between having an accident or not.

Dewesoft uses a 100 Hz based GPS system, with correction of IMU, to achieve the highest possible accuracy down to 2 cm. Online checks for validation are available and all the results are visualized online in real-time with additional integrated post-processing math and reporting tools. This makes Dewesoft brake test system a complete all-in-one solution.

Brake test calculations

You can use the built-in brake test calculation provided by the module or use Dewesoft X's extensive math modules to define your own custom calculations. Calculated parameters are:

  • start speed of the braking,
  • stopping time,
  • brake deceleration over the complete measurement,
  • corrected brake distance and MFDD factor according to the international standard,
  • derivation of acceleration used to check the passenger comfort.

Calculations are performed immediately after brake test is finished. The driver has instant access and visual feedback to the brake test parameters.

For custom calculations options visit Dewesoft X analysis page for more detailed information and possibilities.

Automated workflow

A sequencer is a tool inside Dewesoft X software to define and automate a testing process and workflow in a step by step flow.

Brake test module comes with a predefined sequence to perform a brake test maneuver according to ECE13H regulation. The sequence can be modified easily to fit it more to the driver and/or test engineers needs.

Configuration examples

Basic brake test for homologation and according to ECE13H system

  • 100 Hz GPS based measurement of speed and distance
  • Possibility to correct data with IMU
  • Including brake test plugin and automated workflow with the sequence according to standard

R&D brake test system

  • 500 Hz update rate of speed and distance with the DS-IMU2 inertial measurement unit
  • Scalable from 8 to 1000 analog channels
  • Possibility to measure braking balance
  • Brake noise/frequency (Judder, Groan, Hum, Moan,..) with online FFT analyzer
  • Modal analysis of brake disc

Free Online Training

You can learn more about sound level measurement at Dewesoft PRO online training by navigating to the Polygon PRO training course.

Dewesoft PRO training is a free online training for measurement professionals. Learn how to measure signals, data processing and how to use Dewesoft products. Online PRO training is completely free.

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