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  • ADAS
  • Brake Testing
    Brake Testing
  • Brake Noise Testing (Squeal)
    Brake Noise Testing (Squeal)
  • Combustion Analysis
    Combustion Analysis
  • E-Mobility
  • Harsh Environment Testing
    Harsh Environment Testing
  • Pass-by Noise Testing
    Pass-by Noise Testing
  • Road Load Data and Durability Testing
    Road Load Data and Durability Testing
  • Vehicle Dynamics
    Vehicle Dynamics
  • Power Analyzer
    Power Analyzer
  • Power Quality
    Power Quality
  • E-Mobility
  • FFT Analyzer
    FFT Analyzer
  • Order Tracking
    Order Tracking
  • Octave Analysis
    Octave Analysis
  • Rotor Balancing
    Rotor Balancing
  • Rotational and Torsional Vibrations
    Rotational and Torsional Vibrations
  • Human Body Vibration
    Human Body Vibration
  • FFT Analysis
    FFT Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
    Modal Analysis
  • Shock Response Spectrum - SRS
    Shock Response Spectrum - SRS
  • Fatigue Analysis
    Fatigue Analysis
  • Bridge Monitoring
    Bridge Monitoring
  • Sound Level Meter
    Sound Level Meter
  • Octave Band Analysis
    Octave Band Analysis
  • Sound Intensity
    Sound Intensity
  • Sound Power
    Sound Power
  • Reverberation Time RT60
    Reverberation Time RT60
  • PCM Telemetry
    PCM Telemetry
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PCM Telemetry

Complete IRIG 106 - real-time data acquisition, visualization, and analysis solution for any data source -  PCM, ARINC 492MIL-STD-1553, iNet, Analog, Video, Serial, Ethernet, GPS, Inertial Navigation, and more.

PCM telemetry
PCM telemetry
IRIG Chapter 10
IRIG Chapter 10
ARINC 429 / MIL-STD-1553
ARINC 429 / MIL-STD-1553
IRIG, GPS, NTP timecode
IRIG, GPS, NTP timecode
High-speed video
High-speed video
Thermal video
Thermal video
Digital IO
Digital IO
CAN bus
CAN bus

Main Features

  • IRIG 106 - CHAPTER 10 ANALYZER: Dewesoft X can fully decode, visualize, and analyze IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data from any CH10 recorder.
  • ONE SYSTEM SOLUTION: We offer a single system solution with the integrated digital receiver and PCM processing.
  • VARIOUS DATA SOURCES: Solution offers acquisition of various data sources including PCM IRIG 106 Chapter 10, MIL-STD-1553ARINC 492, iNet, Analog, Video, Digital I/O, GPS positioning, Inertial navigation, Gyro platform, and more.
  • SYNCRONISED ACQUISITION: All data sources are synchronized down to microsecond accuracy using GPS or IRIG timeclock. 
  • GREAT REAL-TIME VISUALS: Data can easily be visualized in various ways with a library of pre-built visual displays.
  • HIGH-SPEED STORING: Hardware and software provide a powerful storing engine with a continuous stream rate of more than 500 MB per second.
  • ADVANCED ONLINE AND OFFLINE MATH PROCESSING: Dewesoft X offers easy-to-use mathematics engine. Math can be applied in real-time during measurement or post-processing. 
  • RAW DATA: We always store raw data for you no matter what. This gives you endless possibilities for offline data processing. 
  • FAST REVIEW OF DATA: Datafiles, even if gigabytes large, can be opened and reviewed in seconds.
  • HIGH-CHANNEL COUNT SOLUTIONS: We offer large channel count system configurations with thousands of channels using network configuration.
  • NO HIDDEN COST SOFTWARE LICENSING: Our software licensing is very flexible and has no renewal or upgrade fees. Upgrades for Dewesoft X are FREE forever. You also don't require any additional license to view/analyze the data. Once the data file is stored it can be reviewed and analyzed on unlimited computers without the need for additional software licenses.

Unique Telemetry Solution

Dewesoft has a variety of data acquisition hardware that can interface with the telemetry market and uses Dewesoft X software that can read and decode the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data from any telemetry data recorder in real-time over the ethernet or a pre-recorded Chapter 10 file.

What makes Dewesoft X software unlike anything else on the market today is the ability to combine standard analog data acquisition solutions with telemetry data, aircraft bus data (PCM, ARINC 492, MIL-STD-1553, iNet), video and many others.

For the engineers, this brings big advantage, flexibility, ease of use, and time to invest in learning only one software interface for a variety of solutions.

Multiple Data Sources Synchronised

The Dewesoft solution allows the acquisition, storage, visualization and analysis of multiple, perfectly synchronized data sources:

  • Ethernet - IRIG 106 Chapter 10 packets
    (PCM, Analog, Video, ARINC -429, MIl-1553, Serial) and Custom Ethernet packets.
  • PCM - IRIG 106 data.
  • iNet - capture and decode data using the iNET network packet protocol.
  • Analog - analog sensors like strain, vibration, sound, voltage, current, RTD, thermocouple, etc.
  • Bus data - MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, CAN bus, XCP, Flexray, OBDII, J1939.
  • Video - low-cost Direct X cameras, medium speed 600 FPS cameras, high speed 100 000 FPS cameras, thermal vision infrared FLIR cameras.
  • Digital I/O - digital in, digital out, counter, encoder.
  • Positioning - 10 Hz GPS, 100 Hz GPS, Inertial Measurement Units, Xsens and Adma Gyro platforms.

For more information about supported interfaces please visit Dewesoft X interfaces and storing page.

IRIG Chapter 4 PCM

Dewesoft hardware and software can interface, decode and visualize data from telemetry IRIGI Chapter 4 PCM compliant data interfaces.

PCM-FS2: PCM Telemetry Frame Sync

The PCM-FS2 instrument from Dewesoft is a dual frame sync IRIG Class II decommutator with up to 40 MBit/second data rates. 

Software Decom

A software decommutator offers a full range of decoding foe normal commutated, super and sub commutated parameters, embedded frames, and fast switching of decommutator.

Industry Standard

Dewesoft decom is widely used in most advanced telemetry labs around the world which is the result of close cooperation with major vendors of flight recorders and ground equipment. 

IRIG 106 - Chapter 10 Ground Station

Dewesoftr X can fully decode, visualize, and analyze IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data and utilizes standard input format for telemetry data interface ethernet packets real-time consisting of:

  • PCM Data (unpacked, packed and throughput)
  • MIL-1553 and ARINC-429 bus data
  • iNET data recording from up-to-date telemetry standards
  • Video
  • Ethernet & UART channels
  • Analog
  • Ethernet data
  • TMATS (setup channel)
  • Timing (absolute time)

The ability to record data in throughput packed and unpacked modes gives the user the flexibility needed and provides all-in-one processing and recording package for the ground station. The software can also replay Chapter 10 files. Data is frame synchronized and decommuted. This gives you the ability to playback and process any Chapter 10 file without tying up an entire ground station.

Raw data

The Dewesoft systems will always store raw data and leave optimal possibilities for offline data processing and visualization. 

Real-time Data Visualisation

Dewesoft X data acquisition software offers several pre-built visual displays for visualizing any data that is being fed into it. Simply drag-and-drop visual display on the screen and select the data channel you want to visualize. Any changes to the visual screen parameters will be seen and rendered in real-time.

Several visual displays are available. From data recorders, scope, FFT's, 2D and 3D graphs, analog and digital meters, GPS maps, artificial horizon, geographical maps, and many more. All instruments are configurable and customizable to fit your need and all changes are visible in real-time.

For more information please visit the Dewesoft X visuals page.

PCM-FS2 Frame Sync Box / PCM Encoder

Frame Sync

PCM-FS2 is a Frame Sync device and allows two 40 Mbps clock & data streams into a platform-independent solution. The Frame Sync box can receive two independent data streams into a single system. Multiple units can then be daisy-chained together to allow for higher channel counts.

The size of the Frame Sync box allows it to be tossed in a backpack with a laptop for a flight line checkout. When combined with a portable computer or the SIRIUS DAQ system and SBOX this solution can provide telemetry data processing in the aircraft and provide the pilot with a visual display of the telemetry data in real-time. This gives the ultimate flexibility to the engineer to solve their mission requirements.

PCM Encoder

PCM-FS2 can also be used as a dual PCM encoder with up to 40 MBit/second in real-time from aby Dewesoft DAQ hardware analog data, Chapter 10, simulated data and other data sources.

NASA telemetry

Check out the »Telemetry done right« video from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

The image on the right shows the Record and Playback System (RPS) at the Kennedy Space Center. RPS group is now available to support commercial partnerships, consultations, new installations, new launch systems, and telemetry processing.

The entire system has been digitalized and backed up by Dewesoft telemetry system.

Free Online Training

You can learn more about PCM Telemetry functionality by reading the free online PCM Telemetry PRO training course.

Dewesoft PRO training is free online training for measurement professionals. Learn how to measure signals, data processing and how to use Dewesoft products. Online PRO training is completely free.

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