Søren Linnet Gjelstrup

Soren Linnet GjelstrupSøren Linnet Gjelstrup has been in the test and measurement industry for +10 years, graduated from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2011 with an M.Sc. E.E. specialized in Acoustics and Vibration Technology.

Søren started out working as a software development engineer at Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration measurement A/S, where he developed various signal processing algorithms. Later he was the lead developer for controlled sine-based modal test applications, whereafter he worked as the Product Owner for distributed monitoring and diagnostic DAQ solutions in the sound and vibration domain. 

Søren is now working as an Application Engineer specialized in structural dynamics, NVH, and distributed DAQ solutions. Based in Denmark Søren is supporting customers and projects in Scandinavia and assists with his insight for customer solutions worldwide. Closely connected to R&D Søren handles customer feedback, assists with incorporating market trends into new product solutions, performing product validation, and writing related technical articles. 

Responsibilities and Key Competencies

  • Scoping and building measurements solutions in co-operation with customers
  • Assisting customers with technical support and optimizations
  • Training customers to succeed with testing and measurements in the domain of e.g. NVH, structural dynamics, sound, and vibration.
  • Distributed DAQ systems for testing, surveillance, and control
  • Rotating machinery diagnostics
  • Structural dynamics, modal test- and analysis

Published Articles

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