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Lead Development Engineer for Pirnar&Savšek


  • Expert technical consulting.

  • Preparation of complex technical studies and analyses.

  • Technical leadership of a group of development engineers and coordination of development work.

  • Development of machinery and devices.

  • Design of complex steel structures, machinery, and devices.

  • Experimental development and planning of prototype solutions and preparation and analysis of new technical solutions.

  • Preparation of more demanding technical calculations (strength, static, dynamic, and stability calculations, linear and nonlinear mechanics, and CFD - computational fluid dynamics knowledge is welcome).

  • Design, preparation, and execution of demanding measurements and tests and analysis of results (measurements with strain gauges, vibration measurements, and other mechanical quantities).



  • Stimulating, well-organized, and excellently equipped working environment that promotes creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

  • Creative and independent work on development projects.

  • Collaboration with clients' R&D departments in an international environment.

  • Stimulating pay and rewards.

  • Introduction to work with the help of experienced colleagues.

  • Opportunity for additional education.



  • Relevant education: Master of Science or PhD in mechanical engineering - 8/1st cycle (and 8/2nd cycle).

  • Excellent theoretical knowledge in various fields of mechanical engineering.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and Python applications.

  • Familiarity with 3D programs SolidWorks, Creo.

  • Knowledge of Ansys software package.

  • Active knowledge of the English language and preferably passive knowledge of the German language.



Pirnar&Savšek d.o.o. (powered by DEWESoft) is part of a group of one of the fastest-growing companies in the measurement industry, DEWESoft d.o.o. It is a company with over 35 years of tradition in mechanical engineering, recognized by customers, partners, and the community as a provider of advanced technical and technological solutions. In addition to good theoretical knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, our engineers are highly trained to work with 2D and 3D modeling software packages for finite element analysis (FEA) and for programming in various programming languages, which they effectively use in the development of new products, machinery, and devices.

If you want to join us, please send your application and resume to