V Dewesoftu smo leto 2020 začeli i izdajo nove verzije programskega paketa Dewesoft X3 SP10

Nadgradnja razširja Dewesoftovo strukturno analizo z sine reduction/sine processing test funkcionalnostjo. Kupce v letalski industriji bo razveselila novica, da lahko z nadgradnjo strojne programske opreme, SIRIUS PCM-FS2 sedaj lahko uporabljajo tudi kot simulator in kodirnik. In nenazadnje, v bazo senzorjev za vrtilno hitrost smo dodali zobnik z manjkajočimi zobmi, kar je edinstvena rešitev na trgu, hkrati pa je s to opcijo naš analizator motorjev z notranjim zgorevanjem še boljši.

Sine Reduction Test - Sine Processing with COLA Signal

Sine processing is a tool used for performing structural tests on large structures. It allows users to identify and analyze natural frequencies of such structures by exciting them with a sweep of single frequencies that are being tracked by Dewesoft’s software module, using a COLA signal from a vibration shaker controller. 

As desired output, Sine processing returns:

  • the structural resonance
  • frequencies,
  • amplitudes, 
  • phase,
  • THD of response and also
  • transfer functions between excitation and response points.

Example Sine processing data

With the addition of the sine reduction/sine processing module to Dewesoft X3 data acquisition software has become one of the most powerful structural analysis tools, supporting the evaluation of responses and transfer functions on an unlimited number of channels, all done in real-time online, making it a valuable tool for manufacturers, designers, and engineers.

Sine processing is a licensed module that can be purchased as an upgrade on new or existing Dewesoft X licenses. For more information please see:

Aerospace Telemetry: PCM Output (PCM Encoder and Simulator)

Dewesoft has always had the ability to acquire and synchronize a magnitude of different types of signals like analog, GPS, IRIG time, 1553, video, ARINC 429 and many others.

In the world of telemetry, however, it is often required that all of that data is encoded and transmitted as a PCM stream. Up to now, Dewesoft relied on third-party hardware for this task, but this is no longer the case with an upgrade to the SIRIUS PCM-FS2.

Usage of a SIRIUS PCM-FS2 within a telemetry system

The firmware and software updates allow all types of channels to be encoded into a PCM data stream online, thus creating the perfect solution for a flexible and scalable PCM Encoder system. This solution helps users in a variety of ways, from easily creating a PCM stream over trying out new sensor configurations, to simulating a vehicle on the launch pad without tying up expensive flight hardware.

This capability can also be used to correlate and record the stray analog signals from receiver AGC strengths to the communication links in the ground station. Additionally, a Simulator functionality to replay Chapter 10 files from the hard drive of a computer or a fixed major frame simulator is also available.

The PCM output functionality is a licensed feature that needs to be purchased as a license upgrade.

Generalization of Gear Tooth With Missing Teeth Sensors

Dewesoft can now provide one of the first systems on the market that supports any stock sensor with missing teeth on the engine, which makes using the Combustion Analyzer or other NVH applications even easier and more effective since no additional sensors need to be installed for crank angle position detection.

Example of a newly supported gearExample of a newly supported gear

This is possible because Dewesoft’s support for gear tooth with missing teeth sensors has been expanded to include almost every imaginable configuration. It is now possible to use a sensor with an arbitrary number of gaps at completely arbitrary positions around the gear, the only conditions being that all teeth still need to have the same width and that the widths of gaps are expressible in terms of the number of missing teeth. The concept for a new sensor mode came from engine manufacturers who need asymmetric crank-angle sensors on the crankshaft, as they allow them to know the exact position of the shaft before a full engine revolution is complete.  

Example of a gear tooth sensor definitionExample of a gear tooth sensor definition

The feature is available as standard on every counter input without additional license fees.

As always Dewesoft X3 is a free upgrade for all existing Dewesoft customers. You can download the Dewesoft X3 SP10 release from our download center.