Spécifications techniques du IOLITE 2xASI

Spécifications techniques de l'IOLITE 2xASI

Sensor input specification
Number of channels2
Compatible sensorDEWESoft ASI-1xVIB-50g
ADC resolution24 bit
Max. sample rate40 kS/s
Measurement range0...5V
Sensor recognitionI2C
Front connectorM8, 8 pin
Input accuracy (25degC)+-0.05% of reading +- 0.2mV
Temperature gain drift20 ppm/K
Temperature offset drift(1uV/+10ppm of range)/K
Gain non-linearity<0.02%
Passband0.45 fs
Passband flatness0.01 db
Stopband rejection-90 db
Rejection at ADC oversampling frequency-90 db
Alias-free bandwidth0.40 fs
-3 dB bandwidth0.49 fs
Data interfaceEtherCAT
Data interface connectorsRJ45 (single cable for power, data and sync)
Max. cable length50 m device to device
Max. number of unitstyp. 20 devices (40 channels) at full speed (40 kS/s/ch) per EtherCAT chain (a system can contain several EtherCAT chains)
Sync. accuracy1us
Power Supply12V - 48V DC
Operating temperature -20 .. +60°C
IP ratingIP20
Dimensions82 x 62 x 28mm (3.23 x 2.44 x 1.10n)
Power consumption2 W
Tested according toIEC-61010, IEC-61326

Spécifications techniques de l'ASI-1xVIB-50g

Single-axis vibration accelerometer specs
Measurement range50g (100g optional)
Bandwidth (+-10%)0-10 kHz
Noise (10-1000 Hz)1 mg rms
Noise (10-10.000 Hz)3 mg rms
0g offset error (-40..125C)5 g
Nominal sensitivity40mV/g
Sensitivity change due to temperature (0..85C)+-2%
Linearity error0.1% FS
Crossaxis sensitivity-1% to +1%
Supply voltage5V
Temperature sensor specs
Measurement range-20 .. +85°C
Accuracy (-40..85C)+-3 C
Resolution10 bits
Supply voltage3.3 V
Operating temperature-20 .. +85°C
IP ratingIP 66
General specifications
Cable length2m
ConnectorM8, 8 pin, male
Mounting typeVertical, M6 thread
Sensor weight
Housing materialAluminum, hard anodized
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