La solution de mesure Dewesoft couvre un large éventail d'applications pour tester et surveiller les éoliennes. Tous les tests décrits dans la norme IEC61400 (performances, qualité d'alimentation, essais de structure, niveaux sonores, etc.) peuvent être effectués au sein du même système d'acquisition.


The IEC61400 standard defines all the necessary tests for wind power plants which are necessary before they go into operation. This standard includes:

Highly modular and flexible design of the Dewesoft measurement instruments allows analysis for all of the mentioned parts with the same measurement instrument. Furthermore, additional analysis can be performed:

Power Performance Analysis

To determine the power performance of a wind power plant it’s necessary to measure wind speed, wind direction and temperature alongside to voltage and current. The averaged values are then classified in BINS and result in the power performance factor (CP) and the annual energy production (AEP).

Flexible visualizations like Power Factor over Wind speed or a table with Bins, wind speed, power performance factor, and power round up the analysis capabilities.

Dewesoft measurement instruments are not only used for laboratory testing applications but also used for monitoring of the wind power plants - Power Performance monitoring, Power Quality Monitoring, Fault recording, etc.

Typical configuration

We recommend R3 DAQ system as a typical configuration for renewable energy measurements configured with:

  • 3x high-voltage inputs
  • 3x current inputs
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Pressure

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