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Online registration
Offline registration
Evaluation licence

If your measurement PC computer has access to the internet, you can register your DEWESoft X license directly within the software (Settings -> Licensing). For any other case please navigate to the offline registration and follow the instructions for offline registration.

Instructions for online registration

  1. Run DEWESoft X software
  2. Open Settings and navigate to the Licensing tab
  3. Enter your license key and press the Register online button.
  4. DEWESoft X will connect to the internet and will register your license automatically

If your measurement PC computer has access to an internet connection, you can register directly within inside the DEWESoft X software. See the online registration tab for the instructions. For the offline registration follow the instruction below.

NOTE: Please note that we support only modern Web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. Offline registration will not work using outdated and deprecated web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer. To upgrade your browser please see http://outdatedbrowser.com.

Instructions for offline registration:

  1. Run DEWESoft X software on your measurement computer.
  2. Open Settings and navigate to the Licensing tab.
  3. Turn on all desired hardware (A/D cards, CAN, etc.), software options (if any) and plugins (if any).
  4. Enter your information into these text fields.
  5. Enter your DEWESoft X software license key and press button Register offline.
  6. Copy the created license file ".lic" from the measurement computer, and go to another computer with internet access.
  7. Select or drop your ".lic" file bellow:
  1. Press the Download button to receive the registered license file. NOTE: The button will not display if an invalid file is selected.
  2. Save and overwrite the downloaded ".lic" file over the original ".lic" file on the measurement computer created in step 4. NOTE: if you are using Safari, you must remove .xml extension from the downloaded file.
  3. Restart the DEWESoft X software.

To receive a fully functional 30-day evaluation license for DEWESoft X software fill out and submit the form below. Data marked with (*) are required. Please provide a valid email address to which we can send the evaluation license.

Merci de consulter vos emails. Nous vous avons envoyé votre clé de licence d'évaluation de 4 semaines.