DEWESoft X2 SP6 is the latest and most powerful data acquisition software from DEWESoft. All DEWESoft X users can upgrade it for free. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware. You can download Dewesoft X2 SP6 from this link.

What has been enhanced in SP6:

  • added notification window
  • added save dialog when something is changed in analyse
  • added option to change X and Y axes on Campbell plot
  • added option to copy CAN messages from bus to bus and from one setup to another
  • added option to change Rx/Tx CAN messages
  • added custom keyboard shortcuts
  • improved Sirius-CD and Sirius-HS watchdog timer
  • added option to copy-paste multiple cells from single column inside grids
  • added option to define maximum number of samples shown on GPS map (advanced settings)
  • added DCOM events evOnEnterAnalysisMode, evOnEnterMeasureMode
  • implemented function generator colours the frequency red if it is set too high
  • implemented SIRIUS-HS-LV+ module with vertical counter
  • implemented DSI-ACC-0.16Hz
  • implemented SIRIUS-HS-HVv2 module
  • implemented Krypton-LV_1
  • implemented Sirius EtherCAT HD modules
  • implemented industrial motherboard SIRIUS-CDI (firmware version
  • implemented DS-VGPS-HSCv2
  • implemented SIRIUS-ACCv2 and SIRIUS-ACCv2+ modules
  • implemented new STGMv3w and STGMv3w+ fronts
  • math reference from Dewesoft data file
  • LowPass filter values 10/30Hz are now allowed even a HighPass filter is supported by hardware. User has to take not set a useless combination of 10Hz for both HP- and LP-Filter.
  • Several BUG fixes

DEWESoft X is now available also in Portuguese language.

To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.