Dewesoft X2 SP5 is the latest innovation in data acquisition software from DEWESoft. Available as a free upgrade for all Dewesoft X users. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware. You can download Dewesoft X2 SP5 from this link.

The new enhancements include:

  • NET allows connection from view to slave client
  • Possibility to adjust transfer rate for NET clients
  • Possibility to transfer display templates to view client (NET)
  • Restart for view clients added (NET)
  • Added sensor detection for DSI-MCTS on LV modules
  • Added SIRIUS-HS STG+ for Minitaur
  • Added schematics for SIRIUS STGMv3 (L1B10f+)
  • Added digital meter functionality (new display type added)
  • Added experimental features in advanced settings
  • Improved modal test functionality for rejecting or resetting selected points
  • Implemented DB25 connector for Krypton
  • Implemented Krypton DIO module
  • Implemented Krypton 16xDO
  • Implemented SIRIUS-LVv2 (BAN+)
  • Implemented SIRIUS-STGMv3 (L1B10f+)
  • Implemented slim slice for Sirius-LVv2
  • Sirius HS supports PPS sync for multiple devices (firmware version or higher needed)
  • Sirius CD supports PPS sync for multiple devices (firmware version or higher needed)
  • Pressing “store” button will stop storing without stopping acquisition
  • Improved wait block in sequencer (timeout added)
  • Added new sequencer functions in calculation block

To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.