DEWESoft X2 SP2 is the latest innovation in data acquisition software from DEWESoft. Available as a free upgrade for all DEWESoft X. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware.

The new enhancements include:


  • MS XML engine replaced with propriety XML engine with libxml parser - data files load up to 10 times faster
  • New channels in system monitor added:
    • StoreMemoyUsed (size of store memory buffer used [MB])
    • USBMemUsed (USB buffer used parameter[%])
  • Multithreaded function generator
  • Control channels directly implemented in DEWESoft -> User Inputs
  • New language support (PO files), for now fully supported:
    • Slovenian
    • German
    • French
  • Sirius-HS: analog out added (up to 200kHz)
  • Different analog output rate and analog input sample rate
  • Search box in "formula math" with support for standard DEWESoft keywords, channel names, and descriptions
  • DEWESoft USB devices: added back sample rate divider on sync connector (Res pin)
  • Search in settings added
  • Notify user if restart is needed after changing settings
  • Highlight settings section if unable to exit settings
  • Search box in "formula math" with support for standard DEWESoft keywords, channel names and descriptions
  • New advanced settings: CAN acknowledge mode by default


  • Graph2D redesigned interactions (markers, zoom,...)
  • Digital meter: binary number display type added
  • GPS sync for Sirius/DW43 and DS-CAM supported
  • Offline overlay text in visual controls
  • Input VC improvements: new types (checkbox, dropdown), improved interaction
  • CAN interface rework (new features added like sort, search, multiselect, grid customizing...)
  • Sequencer:
  • Create a copy of sequence for test cases
  • Publish LoadDisplaySetup DCOM function for the Sequencer


  • Custom variable names in Matlab export
  • Export multiple data files to a single FlexPro file
  • CAN: Complete bus setup Export/Import added (to XML) with merge option available on Import


  • Cepstrum analysis finalized and removed from correlation


  • SIRIUS-STGMv3 module added

… and many more features, new drivers and plug-ins. To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.

The version 7 of DEWESoft supporting third-party hardware has been stopped in development but will be maintained further for the next years. Please visit our homepage and get the last released version of DEWESOFT v7.1.2 for free.Please contact our local DEWESoft representatives and partners for support on both products.