We have released Dewesoft X1 SP4. You can download it from the Support > Download section.

Since there are many questions about different versions of Dewesoft, please let us explain the differences.

Dewesoft company offers directly and through the strategic partners two versions of the software: Dewesoft 7 and Dewesoft X. Both versions are available in stable releases.

Dewesoft X is a version which will be developed further with new features, but it is closely related to specific hardware as it uses many features build in its firmware and can therefore operate only on Dewesoft instruments using Dewesoft DAQ cards. We are developing X2 with many exciting new features, available this autumn as a free upgrade for existing Dewesoft X customers.

Dewesoft 7, made for third party DAQ cards (like Dewetron Orion and Trion, National Instruments, Spectrum, Data Translation) will not get new features, but will be supported if any potential issues are found.

Auxiliary devices (like video cameras, GPS receivers, automotive and aerospace bus interfaces, telemetry cards, Ch10 recorders) can be used with both versions.

Some new features in Dewesoft X1 SP4:

- USB Dongle support (for licensing)

- Basic Statistics recalculation on zoomed area only

- Added 1uPa level for measurement of sound under water

- Dewesoft GPS new features (base station position settings, Internal/External antenna setting, high dynamic acceleration mode)

- Password protected sequencer files

- CApv graph polythropic line

- FAMOS export: option to export to one file added

- SIRIUS-HS-HV module added