DEWESoft PRO training is a new learning platform, created for all measurement professionals and those who would like to become one. Learn how to use DEWESoft, measure signals, process and analyze data in one place.

Enter DEWESoft's learning database and collect stars, that will swing you among DEWESoft specialists on different levels. Your effort will be awarded by receiving a special DEWESoft PRO training T-shirt with a star for every 10 finished courses.

And what's the best ... it's free of charge! Sign up today at DEWESoft PRO training.

And we have some exciting news for all existing DEWESoft PRO training users.

We have upgraded the DEWESoft PRO training portal in order to fully integrate in into our website and make it even better, much more user friendly and much more compatible with mobile devices. Things you should know when using the new PRO training:

  • All the user accounts and scores from old training portal were transferred to the new one
  • Passwords from all the users, that didn’t have user account on our web page got reset. Your new password is ‘’dewesoftpro’'. You can change this password here:
  • You can see/edit your profile on the bottom of PRO training’s main page
  • We've added public leader-board. All the users are by default shown on the public leader-board. If you don’t want to be seen there, please update your profile and tick off "I want to be seen on PRO training's public leaderboards".
  • For every 10th finished course, a congratulations window will pop out. Please don’t forget to fill in your T-shirt size and Shipping address:)
  • With the launch of new PRO training portal we had some issues with sending PRO training shirts. If you still didn’t receive your shirt, you will receive it in couple of days.

Enjoy in our NEW DEWESoft PRO training!

Your PRO training team