We have released new Dewesoft 7.0.5. installer. You can download it from the download page. Dewesoft 7.0.5 release mainly fixes issues, but there are as usual some new features as well: 


  • New basic statistics. Added sample/time base option, array channels support, median and sum calculation.
  • CA math: new knocking algorithm


  • CAN output implemented in basic Dewesoft (free of charge) new Dewemote support (display of arbitrary displays...).
  • Support for NI PXI cards (4496,4498,4461 and combinations).
  • Vector CANCardXLe supported
  • Implementation of NTP timing in Generic Timing (without AD card).
  • Added option to Disable amplifier 


  • Horizontal scroll bar in tab control.
  • ASCII option added to tabular values display.
  • Video control zooming and panning.
  • Check box for show CAN channels in file info frame.
  • 2D Graph - ability to hide Y axis in "single values axis" mode.


  • xml setup allows loading display setup from external setup files.
  • Famos export with async interpolatio.