We have released Dewesoft version 7.0.4. You can download the installer and/or executable file from the download section. Beside removing many unwanted features we have added lots of new (wanted) features: 


  • Added DS-CAN2 device support.
  • CAN termination support.
  • Support for 4 ports in test CAN (important for offline setup).
  • 33.3 kBs speed added.
  • CAN output added in basic software (no need to use plugins anymore).
  • GPS timing supported for systems with no AD cards.
  • Merging of licenses (important for systems with embedded licenses - DS-43, DS-NET).
  • J1939 improvements (importing of standard libraries, source decoding).
  • Added various AD card support.
  • Added open RS-232 plugin.
  • Arinc/1553 AltaDT hardware support.
  • Flexray Vector support.


  • Support for laser tape sensors in counters.
  • Analog CDM sensor support.


  • autospectrum, crosspectrum, autocorrelation, crosscorelatioin, coherence, cepstrum math.
  • CPB block calculation.
  • True octave CPB calculation.
  • Power module features: (10 ms period values, symetrical components out of period values, Z and Sk parameter for current flicker, DU and DUMax output from flicker).
  • Combustion analyzer: New code in heat release for start of combustion on direct injection engines.
  • Classification improvements (overlap, running mode).
  • Statistic time of MIN, time of MAX .
  • Math modules are automatically creating standard displays math templates 


  • Recorder draws asynchronous channels much faster (major speed improvement for DS NET).
  • Improvement of 2D graph (more scaling functions, axis improvements, copy to clipboard, drawing of complex channels).
  • Improvement of 3d Graph (rainbow palette added, cursor measurement).
  • Copy all data to clipboard from DMM.
  • Tabular display improvement (resizable columns, copy to clipboard).
  • Added Q factor in FFT.
  • Distance measurement on GPS screen.
  • Dual cursor on XY display.
  • Automatic overload display.
  • Splitters in file list view.


  • Export of complex channels.
  • Support for new Matlab DLLs.
  • Export for 2^20 rows for Matlab 2007 or newer.


  • Function to compress the file after measurement (to D7Z) to save space.
  • Multipage printout of channel list.
  • Support for Astromed endless printing.
  • Improvements for sequencer (see sequencer manual).
  • SI units editor.
  • Data manager plugin added to manage data files (copy to ftp, for example...).