We have released a new update of our DEWESoft package - version 7.0.3.. There are several imporant improvement in this release:

  • context sensitive user's manual (press F1);- multiple CAN interfaces (ability to mix different CAN hardware in the same system);
  • ESC cancels offline calculation;
  • FFT filter improvement (low pass, high pass, custom with internal or external clock);
  • templates in mathematics (to recall standard settings - like filters, for example)
  • PCM encoder for long distance data transmittion;
  • FLIR thermovision support (A series, SC series);
  • free of charge config mode to configure amplifiers;
  • Differential info channel added for GPS;
  • WAAS/EGNOS support for Topcon GPS;
  • true octave CPB analysis in analyse mode;
  • improvements in data header and global variables;
  • Transfer functin (FRF) now supports moving excitation/multiple responses;
  • 3D graph improvements (better scaling, cursors added, axis values text shown also vertical, time in seconds)
  • 2D graph improvements (graph markers, persistence mode);
  • support of hex raw values in numerical displays;

and lots of other small updates and bug fixes. All exisiting V7 users can download it free of charge from download section.