We are proud to annouce that Dewemote 2.0 for iOS is released and is now available as a free download in app stores around the world. Dewemote is a remote control application for controling measurement instruments running an award winning data acquisition and data processing software package Dewesoft. Dewemote 2.0 is completely rewritten from the bottom up for better performance, user interface and overall feel. Dewemote 2.0 works an all iOS devices including iPAD!

Dewemote 2.0 features:

  1. Universal app, will work on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  2. File transfers. You can now transfer Dewesoft files (setup, sequence and data file) between Dewesoft and Dewemote directly from within app. You can download files from measurement unit to remote control and vice versa. Super useful feature for mobile applications.
  3. iTunes file transfer: for faster file transfers you can use iTunes and USB cable to transfer files between measurement unit and remote control.
  4. Improved user interface, completely rewritten and redesigned to be more user friendly.
  5. Support for different Dewesoft displays. You can select which display to see on the remote control.
  6. Multi-device control! You can control multiple devices at the same time. Dewemote 2.0 comes with a handy dashboard where you see multiple devices at the same tame. Select one to control it.

You can grab your copy from the App store.