Dewesoft X software is very rich in functionality but can be extended in various ways to meet the needs of the test engineers in your organization, saving them time and improving their efficiency. Dewesoft X API allows you to extended functionality in the following ways:

  • Use DWDataReader library to import Dewesoft X and Dewesoft 7 files to any post processing software supporting [*.DLL] libraries
  • Use plugin and open math interfaces to add support for third party hardware, devices or implement special math processing routines inside Dewesoft
  • Create custom visual dispays and controls to visualise data the way you want
  • Create custom data export functions to export data into any file format
  • Use Dewesoft X's DCOM interface to retrieve data using external applications.


Dewesoft software offers plugin technology which extends thesoftware in unlimited multitude of ways such as custom export formats, visual controls, and mathematics.

  • additional acquisition devices,
  • custom mathematics,
  • custom export formats,
  • customs visual controls,
  • and more...

Many important data acquisition interfaces, and mathematics are already supported via plugin add-ons.

DCOM applications

The entire Dewesoft software can be controlled externally including data recording, setup, channels, and many other aspects of data acquisition. For more information, please download the programming guide below.

Download DCOM programming guide

Web version of DCOM programming guide


Dewesoft offers many ways to automate and control the software. Here are three popular options that are available to you:

  • DCOM server: Use this powerful acquisition function inside your own software, or even control the Dewesoft software externally..
  • Sequencer: Sequencer: Allows you to control the test and measurement flow and software without requiring programming skills.
  • NET interface: Enables you to control the entire software via the TCP/IP protocol.

Developer downloads

Go to download centre to access developer documentation and example code. Dewesoft account is required to access certain downloads.